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You will need: a clear table (preferably round), 2 ping-pong balls, two pint glasses (or cups of similar sizes), one small bowl or short, fat jar (something like that), and whatever alcohol you have at the table (the more the better, obviously).

The rules:

Sit in a circle (or if the table's rectangular, do your best).  The small jar/bowl should be in between the two pint glasses, filled with a "power mixture" of all the alcohol present.  The goal is to make someone else drink this mixture.  Two people across the table from each other start with a ping pong ball and a pint glass directly in front of them each.  Count to three, then try to do one of two things: a) bounce your ping pong ball into your own cup, or b) bounce it into your opponent's cup. 

1) if you make your ball in your cup, pass it to the left.  The next person tries to do the same.  If the person directly to your right makes their cup before you do, they stack their cup into yours (with the ball in your cup), and you must make that stack or else you have to drink the power mixture.

2) if you make someone else's cup, stack your cup in theirs for them to make.

3) if you make the ball into the "power mixture", you must drink it. 

4) If you make the stack, pass it to the left for the next person to drink.  If it makes it all the way back to you, the stakes are doubled; the person who misses next must drink two power mixtures.

5) If someone has to drink three consecutive power mixes, on the third time everyone takes little sips out of the power mixture until it is gone, out of courtesy for that person (unless they decline the option). 

This game can go on as long as you wish.  Because the drinking is sparse, you could get significantly drunk or you could drink one drink.  We usually have drinks on the side, but at your own risk, as you may drink multiple power mixes in a row.  Enjoy!

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