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The Arnold “Governatah” Drinking Game

Before the Game

  • First (and almost foremost), it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT pregame for this game.  The alcohol intake will cover lost pregaming, postgaming, and any other form of “gaming” you could think of.
  • Arnold” is one of the most prestigious drinking games ever invented.  Thus, it is only fitting that it be taken seriously and ALL rules be followed to the best of your ability.
  • First and foremost, since Arnold is a drinking game, you MUST wear a drinking hat at all times during the game (this includes any and all forms of headwear, basically something must be on your head at all times).  If anyone has a beer helmet, everyone else participating must drink one beer before the start of the movie.  The only valid substitute for a drinking hat is a beer belt.  If anyone is wearing one everyone else must drink one beer before the start of the movie.  If anyone is Arnold/World’s Gym apparel or equipment, that person may start waterfalls whenever they choose, and is exempt from being required to wear a drinking hat.
  • If you have seen the movie, drink half a beer before the credits are finished.  If you haven’t seen the movie, drink a full beer before the credits are finished.
  • Drinking makes you have to piss a lot.  Therefore, it is essential during the movie to take a piss break.  This must be determined by everyone.  Once you have sat down to watch the movie, you are there.  You cannot leave to take a piss until a piss break has been called.  A time must be agreed upon by everyone for a piss break to be official. 
  • Since there are some people who have played this game several times before, and others who haven’t, seating is based upon your experience.  Veterans get first choice of seating, and if you are a first timer, you may be stuck on the floor.
  • Since several beers are consumed during the course of the movie, a “beer bitch” is necessary to take all empties and dispose of them in the proper manner.  Rookies are automatically beer bitch, and if there is more than one rookie, a friendly series of Rock Paper Scissors (best of 3) decides who the beer bitch is.  If there are no rookies participating in this particular round, the person with the least experience is automatically beer bitch.  If two people are tied for the fewest “AHHNOLD” rounds played, it will be settled with a friendly series of Rock Paper Scissors.
  • When playing the game, if someone is required to drink, the secret code is to “study”.  Beers are given the codename “books”.  This helps promote a safer Arnold drinking environment.  This is more for dorm rooms (especially on dry campuses, which is the most pointless fucking idea ever).
  • If Jesse Ventura is in the movie, drink half a beer because there are 2 governors in the movie.

During the Credits

  • During the opening credits, if Arnold is not the first character shown on the screen, drink for three seconds.
  • If the credits run longer than three minutes, drink for three seconds.  For every minute longer than three minutes they run drink an additional second. 
  • Remember that any pregame drinking must be finished before the credits are done.  If the credits are finished and you haven’t done your required drinking yet, you must pound the beer in your hand and pound another one immediately.

During the Movie

  • Anytime Arnold says one of his famous one-liners (i.e. “Who ahhh you?” or “Get to the choppah!!!”) drink for three seconds.
  • An addendum to the above rule; If Arnold says, “I’ll be back!!!!” finish your beer.  If someone calls it out as he says it, they start back-to-back waterfall sessions.
  • Anytime Arnold screams “AAAAHHHH”, drink three seconds.
  • If someone calls out a one-liner as Arnold says it, a waterfall starts from that person in the direction of their choosing.
  • For every Arnold pec shot, drink three seconds.  For each time his ass is shown, drink five seconds, you perverts. Don’t bother calling it.  Just drink.
  • Anytime Arnold hits, kicks, chokes, hurts, or kills someone in any manner, drink for three seconds. 
  • Anytime Arnold is tied down, choked, or restrained in any manner, drink for three seconds.  Also if he is drugged or knocked unconscious in any way.
  • Anytime Arnold or anyone makes a reference to Sara Connor drink for three seconds.
  • If Arnold is drinking, drink with him.  If Arnold is smoking, drink while he smokes. 
  • If Arnold gets laid within the first half hour of the movie, take a weed break.  If he doesn’t get laid within the first half hour, the person who brings it to attention gets to designate someone to finish their beer.
  • If Arnold steals a vehicle, drink for three seconds.
  • If someone fucks with Arnold’s family, get pissed off and finish your beer.
  • Any time there is an explosion in the movie, drink for five seconds. 
  • If Arnold is shot, drink for three seconds.  If he is shot more than once in the same scene, drink for each time he is shot.  Each time he is shot and does not react (in different scenes, obviously, or else we’d all be dead in most movies), finish your beer.
  • Ahh, the golden rule.  If Arnold kills ten or more people in the same scene, the first person to yell “GET TO THE CHOPPAH!!!” has the right to designate someone to drink for ten seconds or finish their beer, whichever comes first. It is customary to count the number of kills out loud per scene, to make it fair.


  • If one of the major characters is non-human (i.e. alien, predator, etc.), drink for three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold is wearing sunglasses drink for three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold is not driving a normal vehicle (i.e. if he is driving a motorcycle, tank, semi, etc.) drink for three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold makes a joke about his accent, drink three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold says the word girly, drink three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold uses the suffix inator, drink three seconds.
  • If Arnold has a “gear-up” scene, drink half a beer to gear up with him.
  • Anytime Arnold checks out a girl, drink for three seconds.
  • Anytime Arnold kisses a girl, drink for five seconds.
  • If Arnold feeds a baby deer, drink for three seconds.
  • If you see or hear the words “Kuato Lives”, drink half your beer.
  • If Arnold mentions California, drink 3 seconds.
  • Anytime sick 80’s music comes on, drink three seconds.
  • Anytime someone is wearing Spandex, drink three seconds.
  • Anytime the scene changes to a mall, airport, or train/bus station, drink for three seconds.
  • Anytime you remove yourself from the movie and allow yourself to think that this guy is the governor of California and is speaking somewhere in primetime at some convention, announce it so we can drink three seconds.  We’ll trust you.
  • At the end of the movie, if Arnold is a) the hero, b) kissing a girl, or c) carrying someone either over his shoulder or in his arms, finish your beer.


Please remember that this is a game that is held in very high regards, so the rules are made to be taken seriously.  Any violations or omissions of the rules will be dealt with using severe amounts of alcohol.  It is also important to note that a shitload of alcohol will be consumed during this game.  If you do not have the stomach to take it please don’t play.  It is okay to sit and watch the game without playing (although if you have beer and you’re chilling in the vicinity, it will be assumed that you are playing).  Also this game is meant to be played with cheap beer.  I and everyone else who has played this game recommend that you play with beer and beer only.  Liquor will cause severe drunkenness and retardation, as will wine.  And remember, this game will get you seriously FUCKED UP.  Enjoy.

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