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You need teams of 2 people each spread around a table.  Its easiest to sit across from your partner.  The person to the left of the dealer starts off the game and the deal should always be rotated each period. Play continues clockwise as each person tries to match the card played before them by the other team.  

Play continues until the cards match. The person who pays the matching card and their partner score a goal and make the losing team drink. Each person on the winning team picks a person on the losing team to make drink. The players on the team who scored each hold up a finger in the air, and the losing team must drink until the fingers have been put down.  Then the person after whoever played the last card leads off until all the cards have been played.

Eights and jacks are saves. When an eight or jack is played the next team can not follow with an eight of jack.  By playing one of these cards  you are safe and do not have to drink. 

This game is played 3 periods just like real hockey and in the 2nd period gameplay is reversed playing counter clockwise.  Keep track of all goals scored in the game because the losing team must drink the losing difference in sips.  If the score was 17-9 the losing team would each have to drink a penalty of 8 drinks after the game is over.

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