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This game is to played with a group of people and 3 dice are needed.
The first person rolls 3 dice at a time and if there are doubles rolled other than 6's the roller will pass out that number of drinks (the dice added up).  exp.    dice 1:  6   dice 2:  5   dice 3:  5  ( the roller passes out 10 drinks).
Once the 1st person has rolled keep count of the number of 6's... so as of the 1st roller the number of 6's is 1.
The second roller rolls 3 dice and same as the first roller applies with doubles ... When someone rolls the 3rd 6 they drink..

If someone rolls 3 6's at one time all of their drink must be finished at that time...!!!
If triples appear of any kind other than 6's by one roller then this is considered a social and everyone drinks that number of drinks... 
exp.    dice 1:  5     dice 2:  5    dice 3:  5     everyone drinks 5...


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