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You need 2 or more people to play this game the more the better.  You start out by laying out 12 cards face-down like the face of a clock.  You then deal out 4 cards to each player (can deal out more if you want more drinks to be given out).  Each player memorizes his/her cars and places them facedown in front of them and cannot look at them again for the remainder of the game.  The card representing one o'clock is then flipped over, if a player has this card then he/she can give out a drink to someone, if they have 2 of the card that is flipped over then they can give out 2 drinks.  (for ex. if a 4 was flipped over and someone had a 4 they could give out 1 drink to someone and if they had two 4's they could give out 2 drinks).  However, the person who was given the drink can call B.S. on the person who gave them the drink and if the person does not have the card or forgets where the card is he drink double the amount that he/she gave out.  But if he/she flips over the right card the person who called B.S. drinks double.  The game continues as you flip over the 2nd card which represents 2 o'clock so you can give out 2 drinks instead of one (being 2 o'clock).  Then 3 o'clock is 3 drinks given out and 4 is 4 and so forth.  The suit of the card does not matter.  At 12 o'clock if you have 2 of the the card you can make someone have a bad night being as you can then give them 24 drinks and even more if they B.S. you.

More extreme version is if the number on the card matches up on the hour you can issue dares or other rules to the person recieving the drinks. (ex: a 3 gets turned over at the 3 o'clock spot)

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