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Can be played with as many ppl as desired but 3 is the least. To set it up put the for sevens in a vertical line on the table. Deal the rest of the cards out to every one evenly till they are gone.Person to the right of the dealer starts.You have to put the cards down in order.So the first person has to put down either an 8 or a 6, then that person gives out 2 drinks because theres 2 cards in that line.So you play until all the cards are on the tble in a row in the same suite.

1) If you do not have a legal move,  you put down any card while leaving a gap for the other cards skipped.doing so you have to drink the number of cards in that row.
2)You can give out the number of drinks to whoever and as many ppl as you want.(ie. you have 10 drinks to give you gave give 3 to one person 5 to another and 2 to another.)
3)Ace can either be after the king of before the 2 decide before the game starts.

So by the end of the game ppl are going to start having 11 12 13 drinks to give away, so i woulded suggest making enemies along the way.

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