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Players sit in a circle and one card is dealt to each player face down.  Each player looks at their card but does not flip it for everyone to see.  If anyone has a jack flip it over now this eliminates you from any drinks and prevents you from losing this round.  Once everyone has a chance to check for a jack the game starts to the left of the dealer.  This person decides to keep their card or pass it to the left.  If they pass it to the left they get whatever unknown card the player to their left has.  The game keeps going around and the dealer has the option of keeping his/her card or taking one from the top of the deck.  After the dealer makes thier trade or keeps thier card all cards are flipped over and the drinking starts.  (For the next hand the deal is always rotated to the left)

The lowest card holder drinks one for every person who beat them. If there are 5 people playing the lowest card holder would drink 4.  The next lowest would drink 3 and so on. 

Ace is high and 2 lowest.

Jack is the special card.  When you flip a jack over not only do you save yourself from any drinks you also prevent yourself from being traded with.  If you flip a jack the person to your right can not trade with you and is stuck with whatever card they have.

We like to also play this game for money as well as drinks at the same time.  Each player puts a $1 bill or 4 quarters in front of them and when they are the dead last loser they have to put a quarter in the middle of the table or fold one of the quarters of the dollar over.  When all 4 quarters are placed in the middle of the table or all 4 corners are folded over this person is eliminated from the game.  The last person left wins all the loot. 

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