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Quite similar to speed quarters. You need at least 4 people to play, preferably more.

You start with two small, empty glasses (shot to whiskey glass size), placed in front of opposite players situated around a table. Then, get a large number, 12-15, of (preferably plastic) cups in the middle of the table. Fill each middle cup with about a shot of beer. Have a bunch of backup beers ready for refilling.

Bounce the quarter into the small empty glass when it's your turn, and pass the glass to the next person. VERY IMPORTANT: The way you decide who's next goes like this...if you make your first shot on the empty glass, you can choose left or right, if you miss at all, you must pass right.

The glasses chase each other around the table until one catches the other, if you make your shot before your neighbor on the right, you jump his glass, passing to the next person down the line. Your neighbor must pick up one of the middle cups and finish that cup before he shoots again. The killer aspect of this game comes when the person on your neighbor's right skips again by making his first shot, thus giving you another shot and making your neighbor struggle to get shots off. Once skipped, you're "in the web," hence the game's name.

A friend of mine and I once made another guy drink 15 cups in a row...he ended up using the floor as a urinal about 2 hours later unfortunately so WATCH OUT. This game is intense and insane.

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