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Everyone sits in a circle facing inwards. Each person has an object in their hands, ie. a lighter, a bottle cap, a quarter, a cigarette, a pen, etc. In unison everyone must say the name of the object they are holding. In this manner, for example I use a pen as the object in my hand and say, " This is a pen, a pen, a pen, this is a pen, a pen.

Once this has been completed you hand your object to the right. Take the one from the left and start again. "This is a cap, a cap, a cap, this is a cap, a cap.

The hard part is listening to those on BOTH sides of yourself - for they WILL make mistakes and you will point this out by shouting "BLUNDER!". By listening to others you yourself may blunder and say the wrong item.

The Blunder-er must take a drink - and the game starts again. The drunker you become the harder this game is.

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