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Materials: 1 big ass stump, as many nails as there are participants, and one hammer.

Rules: Everyone puts their nail into the stump slightly, in a circle. The object of the game is to be the last nail standing. The maximum hits you can have at a time is 3. To determine how many hits you get, you toss up the hammer. You MUST catch the hammer on the grip or else you pass it on. If you drop the hammer you pass it on. Degree of difficulty of your catch determines number of whacks you get.

STRAIGHT UP - 1 whack
UNDER THE LEG - 2 whacks
BEHIND THE BACK - 3 whacks

If you catch the hammer pick an opponent's nail and give it a whack. When your nail is completely into the stump you must shotgun a beer.

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Added: 2005-03-16

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