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Best played outdoors or on a floor that you don't give a shit about. Two people sit oppostite each other about 10-15 feet apart. They place a full, open beer on the floor in front of them.

Paper rock scissors or flip a coin to see who goes first. The first person throws a metal dart at the other one's beer can. If they hit the can, that person must pull out the dart and drink until the can stops leaking. So if you get a hit near the bottom the person has to chug the whole can.

First one to get three hits wins. If you drink all your beer on your first or second hit you need to get a new full can before continuing play. A hit only counts if you can see light through the hole.

Metal dart, drunk people, seems dangerous...not so. Never once had any close calls and I've seen some wasted people playing the game.

Just remember to stand out of the way when your opponent is throwing the darts!

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