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Watch "The Amazing Race" TV show and follow these rules:

Drink 1:
- Every time someone tells the camera how great their partner is
- Every time someone disses their partner
- If they ignore a gorgeous view
- For any cool foreign culture thing (i.e. Monks Only Signs)
- When someone insults a taxi driver

Drink 2:
- If someone marvels at their surroundings
- Mechanical breakdown

Drink 3:
- If anyone gives up or implies they've given up

Finish your Beer:
- If a team completely skips a detour, etc

And if you're REALLY intent on getting hammered - Drink once every time someone says the words TAXI, BUS, TRAIN, or AIRPLANE.

Go to the link for the additions to the game. It isn't my game, but Canada Girl's game so she should get the credit. I was the one who submitted it. Unfortunately, we may be nearing the end of the last season of TAR so there isn't much time left to enjoy the game.

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