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Using 5 six-sided dice, each player rolls up to 5 times per turn. The point is to get as few points as possible per turn. They must keep at least one die per roll, but may keep as many as desired. The point value of each die is worth face value except threes, they're worth zero. Winner of the turn is exempt from drinking. Losers must drink the amount of points they have.

Example: I roll all the dice and get a 2, a 1, a 3, and two 6s. I would keep the 3 and roll the rest of the dice. I get a 4, 2, 1, and 6. I keep the 1. I roll the remaining three dice and get two 3s and a 6. I keep the two 3s and roll the last one. I get a 2. My total score for this turn is 3. I then pass the dice to the next player.

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