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Each player must have a partner...best played with a partner of opposite sex. Before the cards are dealt you and your partner need to have a secret sign and sit across from each other.

The object of the game is to have 4 cards of the same number and give your secret sign to your partner. When your partner sees the secret sign they call out "square!" Everyone else drinks. If your partner called out square by mistake both of you drink. If another player catches you making the secret sign to your partner they call square on both of you, you and your partner drink.

Select a dealer to hand out 4 cards to each person. Then place 4 cards face up on the table. Everyone can grab these cards to get their 4 cards with the same number. But also put down the cards you don't need. (Can only hold 4 cards at a time). Continue to deal 4 cards until Square is called out.

Example: You now have 4 cards with the same number and give the sign to your partner (touch your nose) your partner says "square" before anyone else sees the sign being given to you. Everyone else drinks. If other players discover your secret sign you can make up a new secret sign.

Ace is wild.

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