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The game is played with an imaginary ball that begins with anyone playing. Players must sit in a circle or around a table of some sort. The person starting must swoosh it to the player to the left or right. The person receiving the ball can:

A) Swoosh it along to the person next to him (you must swoosh the ball along by waving your hand like you're hitting a forehand; use your right hand to swoosh to the left and your left hand to swoosh to the right; you must say swoosh while doing this)

B) Boink it back to the player that swooshed it to you (you boink by essentially blocking the ball with your hand; use your left hand to boink if it came from the right, your right if it came from the left; you must say boink while doing this)

C) Hoksui it to anyone playing (this is done by putting your hands together and pointing them to that player; you must say hoksui when doing so)

If someone hoksuis the ball to you, you can:

A) Samurai swoosh it to the player on your left or right using the swoosh actioned mentioned before; you must say samurai swoosh while doing this. If it is samurai swooshed then the player who receives the ball can do any of the actions mentioned before.

B) Blocksui by crossing your forearms in front of you and saying blocksui; if this is done, then the person who hoksuied the ball gets the ball sent back to him and must Scandinavian swoosh it to either his left or right, this is your only option if you are blocksuied. Again, once the ball is Scandinavian swooshed any of the rules apply as mentioned before.

If someone fails to successfully say the right words with the corresponding action, they drink. If someone says the right words with the wrong action they drink. If they forget completely, they drink. Drink amounts are set before the game starts, from one drink to a full beer. Whoever messes up drinks and begins the game again when they are through drinking.

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