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Everyone sits around together in a circle or at a table and someone starts the game off with:

- "one day I was walking down the street and I saw person 2 taking a shit!"
- Person 2 replies, "bullshit!"
- Person 1 replies, "who shit?"
- Then person 2 says, "person 3 shit"
- Then it starts over with person 3 saying, "bullshit!"

It's a fast moving game so if someone pauses too long or just messes up completely they must drink. Determine a sip amount at the beginning of the game.

The person that messed up starts it off again. You can start it off however you'd like, ex. I was taking a crap the other day and when it came out it was person 4's shit. Instead of saying Person 1, Person 2, etc., you use the people's names who are playing. You can't just say "you shit".

It's a fun game especially once you've already gotten a buzz and it can go on forever. A rule one can add is if two people go back and forth with each other for more than 3 times then they both have to drink. Another one we add is if the same person messes up 3 times in a row they must finish the rest of their beer. It very simple and fun!

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Added: 2002-12-30

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