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You need the following:

- 2 Shot Glasses (same size)
- 1 Ping Pong Ball
- 1 Deck of Cards (remove jokers)

This game should be played with at least 3 players to make it fun.

Set the two shot glasses in the center of the table. Pass out all the cards in the deck. Everyone flips over a card and whoever has the high card gets to make three attempts to bounce the ping pong ball into one of the glasses. If you make it then the lowest valued card holder has to drink.

However, if you stick one of the shot glasses into the other and make that shot, you can make two people drink once or give both to the person with the lowest card. You can make it a little more challenging if you stack one shot glass on the other so that the top shot glass is sitting on the bottom of the other. This makes the top glass really high off the table. For this shot, you can give out 3 drinks to the lowest card holder, or give them out as you please.

If you don't make any in, you take a drink and everyone flips over another card. You continue this till all the cards are gone.

Every ball that goes in counts as one attempt.

Example: You make the first attempt and someone drinks, but you miss the next two, then everyone flips over cards again.

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