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You start off with a full beer.....by the end of three rounds you will be done with the beer. It works best with bottles.

First Round:
I dedicate the first drink of the night to Cardinal Puff. Tap table once with one finger (both hands), tap table underneath once with one finger (both hands), snap fingers once (both hands), pick up beer with one finger and thumb, hit the table with bottle and then tap bottle in the air, then DRINK as much as you can.

Everyone in the circle repeats until finished with that round. If anybody messes up in this round they must finish that beer and start with a new one.

Second Round:
Everything is done twice....I dedicate the second drink of the night to cardinal puff puff, two taps, two snaps, two fingers on beer, two taps, drink as much as you can.

Everyone repeats in the circle until the round is finished. If anybody messes up then you have to finish that beer and start over.

Third Round:
Everything is done three times, I dedicate the THIRD AND FINAL DRINK of the night to cardinall puff, puff, puff, three taps, three snaps, three fingers on beer, drink the rest. Suck the foam out cause if one drop hits your head when you put it there....you have to start over. Pour bottle on top of your head and say "Once a cardinal always a cardinal drink to the last drop!"

Now during the course of the evening if anyone asks you if you are a cardinal after you have finished playing this game your answer is "you bet your sweet ass I am a cardinal". If you don't respond correctly then you have to finish a whole beer on the spot.

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