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This game is similiar to beer pong but rather then players on each side of the table you have two people sit on chairs facing a wall with a table against the wall. Each player sets up their cups on the table 3-2-1, each player's set of cups a distance of 5 inches away from each other. Each player sits opposite from their set of cups and attempts to make it in their own set of cups.

Now here are the rules:

- Bounce off the wall = drink 2 of your cups
- Bounce off the table = drink 2 of your cups
- Bounce off table and wall = drink 3 of your cups
- Directly into the cup = drink just that cup

If your ball goes into your opponent's cup you must add another cup to your set and your opponent drinks the cup you made.

If your ball bounces off the table and wall and lands in opponents cup you add three cups and opponent drinks what you made.

Now here is the kick ass part. The tough guys that play the first game risk being the BEER BITCH...the BEER BITCH is the first player that loses the first game. They must retrive the balls for the next game and give the players their beers when shots are made while the players relax in their chairs and get wasted. This continues after each player loses and they become the BITCH.

This game is best when played in a dorm room.

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